Our Services

Fortis Engineering Services

Fortis Engineering provides services in the area of Asset Integrity, Equipment & Maintenance, and Procurement. We also render services in Operations & Maintenance within the energy industry.

Below are the services rendered:

Mechanical Integrity Inspection

  • NDT Specialist Services
  • Vessel Inspection and Re-certification
  • Tank Inspection and Re-certification
  • Valve Inspection and Servicing
  • Piping Inspection

Rope Access Services

  • Flowlines and Risers Inspection
  • Fabric Maintenance using rope assess specialist
  • Offshore Installations and Industrial Installations
  • Flare tower inspection and maintenance
  • Structural integrity inspections
  • Conventional and advanced NDT services
  • Close visual and photographic inspections
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement
  • Marine services using rope assess specialists
  • Standby rescue services

Life Extension Services

  • Development of a life extension work scope
  • Risk-based inspection
  • Failure mode and effect analysis
  • Corrosion protection
  • Engineering and Compliance support
  • Implementation of plans and budget
  • Project management and site execution

Corrosion Management Services

  • Corrosion and fabric maintenance services
  • Database set-up and management
  • Coating and CP survey
  • Risk, integrity and strategic corrosion management
  • Corrosion, inspection assessment, and data analysis
  • Side-stream monitoring and data analysis
  • Coating maintenance plans, budgets, and campaign execution

Pipelines Integrity Management Services

  • Development a comprehensive inspection program
  • Carrying out mitigation, detection, and prevention of all forms of pipelines defects.
  • Monitoring, review, and analysis of pipelines inspection data
  • Risers integrity assessments, maintenance, and repairs
  • Pipelines valves maintenance and repair
  • Pipelines barrel doors services and repair
  • Pipelines cleaning and inline inspection services
  • Pipeline reinforcement and leak repair

Rotating Equipment Maintenance

  • Pumps (reciprocating, centrifugal, screw, gear)
  • Compressors (reciprocating, centrifugal)
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance (Vibration, oil analysis, borescope)
  • Gas turbine, gearboxes, internal combustion engines
  • Equipment reliability assessment and improvement

Static Equipment Maintenance

  • HVAC Systems (installation, commissioning and maintenance)
  • Boilers and heat exchangers
  • Valve maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

  • Power supply
  • Lighting systems
  • Generators & UPS systems
  • Fire & Security Alarms
  • Thermal Imaging

General Engineering Services

  • Development of equipment strategies and general lifecycle extension.
  • FATs and SATs on mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) setup and support.
  • Equipment specification, selection and design support.
  • Personnel training and competency assessment/assurance.
  • Project Management and reporting
  • Engineering design/Management of repairs
  • Process optimization

Crane & Davits Services

We supply, install and repair cranes, hoists, and gantry from a wide range of OEMs across the globe. We perform replacement, load-testing, installation, repair, certification.