Quality, Health, Safety, Environment
Quality Policy

Fortis Engineering Services Limited (FES) is dedicated to improving the quality standard, consistency and cost-effectiveness of its processes and services through continual improvement of its Quality Management System (QMS) and her organizational culture. FES objectives are to ensure that; we satisfy our customer’s need, interested parties (internal and external issues), quality and delivery requirements through continuous improvement of our quality standard.

 The quality management system complies with ISO 9001:2015 International Standard requirements. FES will continually improve the effectiveness of the QMS by appraising its objectives for continuous suitability of quality services as listed below:

  • Pipeline Integrity Management services 
  • Generator Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, Commissioning and Decommissioning
  • Mechanical Integrity Inspection
  • Rope Access Services
  • Storage Tank Construction, Repair, Commissioning and Decommissioning. 
  • Life Extension Services
  • Corrosion Management Services
  • Pipelines Integrity Management Services
  • Rotating Equipment Maintenance
  • Static Equipment Maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Pipeline Construction, Repair, Installation, Commissioning and Decommissioning. 
  • General Engineering Services
  • Crane & Davits Services


We are committed to this policy; therefore, we strive to ensure that it is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels and functions of the organization and it is reviewed periodically for amendments and updated to suite the industry standard

Health & Safety Policy

Fortis Engineering Services Limited (FES) is focused on the energy industry demand and investing more in “brownfield”. Our objective at FES is to show readiness and demonstrate our capability within the key areas we are established, and functioning while considering the health, safety of our employees and the environment.

 FES systematically integrates the management of process safety, personnel safety, health and environment into every aspect of its business activities and in areas or communities within our operational control. Additionally, we comply with all applicable safety, health and environmental laws or regulations as relates to our operations.

In FES all HSE activities are planned and executed in a manner that:

  • The safety of FES employees, clients and all members of the public who may be affected by FES operations is safeguard.
  • FES will pursue full compliance with statutory requirements and standards.
  • Employees/ Contractors are competently trained to perform their jobs in line with this policy.
  • No harm to people and asset, zero fatalities, zero LTIs and zero spills
  • Encourage employee participation in safety through constructive and meaningful suggestions with a view to eliminating hazards.
  • Publicize all safety information through posters, warning signs, and meetings.
  • Provide adequate PPE and enforce proper usage.


FES shall constantly show commitment towards accomplishing its HSE objectives and goal.

FES employees and contractor are required to comply with all safety- and environmental-related rules and regulations.

Nigerian Content Policy

Fortis Engineering Services Limited (FES) is committed to the Nigeria Local Content Policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria and therefore, organizes its operations and activities accordingly:

As part of her strategy for maintaining the Local Content Policy, FES engages the services of local sub- contractor/suppliers. FES will maintain a secondary service provision strategy, which is to engage these local subcontractors for jobs such as security coverage at company’s site office and for other short-term contracts.

 The Organization will ensure that its partners support the Nigerian Local Content policy through training of local staff, transfer of technology and skills development.

FES aimed at:

  • Encouraging the transfer of knowledge/technology and local content development that relies as much as possible on deployment of local (Nigerian) manpower, with a view to ensuring that more Nigerians can aspire to senior management and technical positions.
  • Identifying and implementing technology transfer/training for Nigerian personnel at the facilities of accredited private and government bodies in line with regulations in our industry for re-fresher or in-depth technical training.
  • Deploying state-of-the-art technology and modules for efficient service delivery.
  • Co-operating with clients, government, partners and other indigenous organizations to promote local content.
  • Attending and participating at seminars, workshops, conferences, and presentations organized by international and indigenous organizations, relevant to the development of local content.
  • Protecting the environment, and respect for human and social rights of employees and contribution to local economic development.
  • Working closely with local communities to successfully deliver projects.
  • Providing community related projects and youth development in the local communities where we work.

    Our local content policy is geared towards growing the local economy and local capacity development, including empowerment of our own employees. The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all FES employees including senior management.

Simeon Okara

Managing Director