Power Plant & Generator

Boilers Inspections & Assessment
Our team of experts are experienced in carrying out samples of boiler tubes mechanical and physical properties, various non-destructive test inspections, micro-structural examination of the boiler tubes and chemical analysis of the samples of materials used in the boiler tubes to ascertain the integrity and functionality of the boiler.
Generator Installations, Commissioning & Decommissioning
We have expertise in generator units installation, commissioning and decommissioning. Our services include end to end, from the OEM to the delivery of the generator unit at our client's location. We also provide best quotation from our OEMs partners on new generator unit and appurtenances. Our job is to keep your equipment running.
Generators Overhaul & Repairs
Our experienced technicians can reinstate generators, pumps, engines, electric motors and alternators to OEM specifications. We can overhaul generators, control panels and switchgear. Including automatic transfer switches and other emergency power equipment. We will only recommend repairs or replacements that are in your best interests. Our major focus is to keep your generator units up and running in the event of a power emergency situation.
Plant Performance Test
We ensure longevity and efficient running of our clients generator units in order to avoid unnecessary downtime. We perform load bank test, insulation resistance test, compression test and diagnostic test on generator units and power plants.
Pumps, Alternators and Electric Motors Maintenance
We service and repair different makes and model of pumps, alternators and electric motors. We believe in preventive maintenance approach with capabilities for different types of maintenance techniques.